Letter from GABI concerning PM’s Passing!

December 17, 2010

Issued by The Guyanese Association of Barbados Inc..

Monday October 25th-2010

The sad news early Saturday morning of October 23rd 2010 concerning the passing of the former Prime Minister of Barbados, the Honorable David Thompson, has been heartrending to all.

Mr. Thompson had been battling pancreatic cancer for months and while he confronted his disease with fortitude and courage, we all knew that his was a mighty challenge that could end his mortality we were all nonetheless deeply saddened and overwhelmed by his death.

This is a most difficult time for the former Prime Minister’s wife, children, family, government and people of Barbados for at age 48; Mr. Thompson departs us at the prime of his intellectual prowess. Barbadians should all be comforted that the thoughts and prayers of all Guyanese are with them at this time of grief and sorrow.

President Bharat Jagdeo in extending deepest condolences on behalf of the government and people of Guyana remarked that Prime Minister Thompson had earned the respect of the people of Guyana and, “I am sure that of the entire Region through the tremendous courage and dignity which he displayed to the end.  In this we saw his true quality as a leader – one who placed his country and people above himself.”

On behalf of the executive and members of the Guyanese Association of Barbados Inc. (GABI) and all Guyanese living in Barbados, GABI extend heartfelt sympathies to former Prime Minister David Thompson’s wife Mara, his daughters   Misha, OsaMaria and Oya  , his family, the government and people of Barbados on his passing.

God bless Barbados. God bless the family of David Thompson during this time and always. May he rest in eternal peace..


Keith Arno

President G.A.B.I.


Zadan Website

December 17, 2010

What do you think about http://www.zadanservices.com make over?

GABI Executive Committee Members Contact Info.

December 5, 2010

Dr. Cyril Roberts – President
Mr. Jermaine Adams – 1st Vice-President
826 8413
Mr. Daniel Bovell – 2nd Vice-President
251-0669 – C | 429-9105 – H
Ms. Jerryann Clarke – Secretary
Ms. Elsie Yong (Treasurer)
Mr. Compton Hendy (Assistant Secretary/Treasurer)
Mr. Keith Arno – Immediate Past President


Consular Services

November 28, 2010

Inspector Ewart Wray from the Guyana Immigration Department is presently here to carry out consular services on behalf of the Guyana Government in the absence of  an Honorary Consul. The services varied from passport extension to birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc..

If you are interested visit him at Amaryllis Beach Resort & Hotel. He would be there until Monday 29th of November 2010.

GABI – Election Of Office Bearers

November 26, 2010

On December 4th 2010 –  the Guyanese Association of Barbados Incorporated (GABI) would be holding its Annual General Meeting where election would be held for new office bearers. I am sending out my notice earlier for someone to nominate me to hold the office of Vice – President or Committee Member……..Daniel Bovell.

GABI Membership Form

November 23, 2010

                                               AIMS AND OBJECTIVES of GABI

  • To promote the integration of Guyanese into the Barbadian society, and to endeavour to preserve and exhibit Guyanese culture in the Barbadian society
  • For Official Use Only (Member assigned Number):

    To provide resource information for newly arrived Guyanese and Guyanese in need of assistance and to organise celebrations around Guyanese National events.


GABI Membership Application Form
Applicant Information
Mr. /Ms. / Mrs. / Dr.  (circle or tick one)




Date of Birth: Format Dd/Mo/Yr Sex: (Male or Female) Marital Status: (Single, Married, etc)
Parish: House Name/ Number: Nationality:
Mobile Phone: Home Phone: Fax Number:
Occupation (For our Skills Register):
Email Address: Website (URL)



1. Raising Funds □   2. Recruiting new members □   3. Accommodation □ 4. Hosting meetings □

5. Any other area (please indicate)

Type of Membership (Please Tick)
Annual Membership: $20.00 BBD Life Membership Full:  $150.00 BBD Life Membership Part: 75.00 BBD
Organisational Membership: $50.00 BBD Payment Method:

Cash □      Cheque


REGULAR MEMBERSHIP EXPIRES ON 30 SEPTEMBER OF EACH YEAR. Life Membership can be full or part payment.

I hereby certify that the above information is true and correct and I promise to abide by the Laws Governing the Association.
Signature of Applicant: Date:

Is Norman Faria Really Dead?

May 24, 2010

Wild talk have been going around that Mr. Norman Faria, Guyana’s Honorary Consul in Barbados had died. Could someone say whether this is true or not.    Check this out….

You must read this….

Positives Vibes: Respect each other.

April 23, 2010

“Have you ever given taught about being in the world all alone? If yes, what a boring place that would be. I could remember sitting on Browne’s Beach watching the sun go down and then day dreaming in the sand with my eyes shut while people exercising and playing all sort of games. It was about ten to six in the evening, the place was suddenly quite…I opened my eyes from my short slumber and then I realised that it was only me alone on the beach. My first taught was where did everybody go? The place was lonely and dark, all I could hear is the waves bashing against the sea shores. Then I washed my face with some sea water and shocked my head in disbelief, yes I have learnt an important lesson in life: it is the people around us that makes a difference in the world, otherwise this world would have been a dull place. We as youths need to start respecting each other, forget about race, nationality, background, etc., and start to see people for who they are (yes guys, start giving some love). Think about being in the world all alone.”

Who Is DJ Rubbers?

April 22, 2010

I guess your first taught is where did he get that DJ name from, well without any further hesitation let me tell you, because even if you have  guessed, your answer was wrong.  Firstly, my legal name is Daniel Bovell. I am a Guyanese national living in Barbados for several years now. My first job was in an administrative capacity within the Ministry of Education (MOE), Guyana. I have always taken a liking to computers, so is it only natural to be working presently with them. I am an Information Technology professional, having graduated from the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill and CompTIA University, USA.
Not to get you bored any longer let me just tell you how I came about with DJ Rubbers. I was a Peer Counsellor with the Guyana Responsible Parenthood Association (GRPA) and one of my responsibilities was to speak to the young ones about being responsible and taking the necessary precautions with this dreaded virus called AIDS. The GRPA gave us a lot of condoms to distribute to the young ones and to show them the proper use of same. I usually kept a lot of condoms in my wallet and if I was approached I would just give them away. (In Guyana during that time you had to purchase condoms and they were expensive) so you see why people came to me for them. My work colleagues in the MOE give me the name Rubbers….because I always had rubbers (condoms) on me, lol. Read More